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Introducing Lemmy

Institutional knowledge is an asset, not a liability.

Harness the power of what your team knows without flow-breaking interruptions.

Every team has some and most teams have a lot.

We can't help but collect communal knowledge about our domain, our workflows, our products, and our history. It's what we do with what we know that determines if it becomes an asset or a liability.

  • Is there a list of staging server DNS names and IP addresses?

  • Should we use merge commits or rebasing?

  • What does "SMF" stand for? Where did that come from?

  • How do I let the team know I'm taking a day off next week?

  • Do we have git branch naming conventions?

  • Who do I talk to about each product line?

  • What are some recommended programs and tools engineers should have to be productive here?

  • What are some common triage steps when your local environment isn't working?

  • What's the mapping of user personas to our testing mock data?

  • Is there a list of AWS roles engineers can assume?

  • How do we propose new projects and initiatives for consideration?

  • Which vendors do we integrate with and what is their role in our stack?

  • How often are production deploys and which team performs them?

Too often this knowledge is trapped in an email thread, a long forgotten document, an out of date wiki, or worst of all, one person's brain.


Harness what you know with Lemmy

Give everyone on your team access to the knowledge you've curated — build it into the invaluable asset that it is. Never worry about brain-drain with employee churn, and have the confidence to self-help when seeking information about your team, your products, your workflows, and any other hard-won institutional knowledge for your team and company.

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Purpose built, globally available

Email exists, yet we still use instant messagers to communicate with coworkers — it's because an application purpose built to fill a need will always beat out the generic competitor.

Lemmy App global shortcut feature

Tailor made for knowledge sharing.

Don't settle for stale wiki articles and unmanageable documents on a shared drive. Lemmy is built from the ground up to make searching, creating, storing, and referencing institutional knowledge easy.

Always at your fingertips.

We're all human, we want things to be fast and easy. That's why Lemmy lives in your system tray and responds to a global shortcut keeping your team's knowledge front and center when you need it and out of sight when you don't.

Get answers with confidence

No other method of knowledge sharing and documentation does what Lemmy can do — get help on your own by searching existing knowledge, or reach out to your team if you can't find what you're looking for. Their answers are added to Lemmy for the next person.

Lemmy App global search feature
Lemmy App global prompt feature

Powerful search to find existing knowledge.

Lemmy will query your team's existing knowledge and give you answers. Each search result includes a full history of the answer including all responses obtained from a team query.

Collaborative knowledge collection.

If something you need isn't already in Lemmy, you can easily ask the whole team in real time. They'll be prompted to give you an answer or point you to an existing Lemmy entry that answers your question. Every answer you get becomes searchable for the next person with the same question.

No flow breaking interruptions.

When someone on the team needs an answer, you'll receive a small notification with just enough context to decide if you can help. Ignore it and it will go away on its own or activate Lemmy to answer and see the full question context. Of course, you can also set yourself to Do Not Disturb so that you aren't interrupted during heads-down work time.

Designed for everyone

Meticulously crafted and engineered, we've gone to great lengths to make sure everyone on your team will love using Lemmy.

Lemmy App global shortcut feature

Available on all major platforms.

Your team is cross-platform and so is Lemmy — whether you use Mac, Windows, or Linux you can install and use Lemmy to finally harness your team's institutional knowledge. Easily install Lemmy using your favorite package manager.

Beautiful design, form and function.

From the user interface to the user experience, everything about Lemmy has been custom designed to offer the best possible experience of working with your team's knowledge. Oh, and of course, Lemmy features a beautiful design whether you prefer light or dark interfaces.